2 Day Whistler Travel Guide: An Amazing Weekend Itinerary


Whistler was a MUST SEE on my list of Western Canadian cities. As a host to the 2010 Winter Olympics and a hub for hiking, biking, and skiing it’s an outdoor enthusiast heaven. In this 2 Day Whistler Travel Guide, we’ll explore the pedestrian village of Whistler’s top things to do and best eats!


Things to Do in Whistler

The quaint pedestrian village of Whistler is full of shopping, restaurants and nightlife. There did seem to be several different companies offering a number of nearby excursions including the Peak to Peak Gondola, Mountain biking, and 4×4 tours.

Go Zip Lining

We decided to book through Ziptrek Ecotours. Ziptrek has the highest, longest, and most zip lines around while offering an entertaining combination of aerial adventure and exploration. There were several tours to choose from and we decided on the Eagle which includes 5 ziplines, 4 tree-top bridges and lasts about two and a half to three hours.


Our tour was AMAZING. Our guides were great and we had a blast flying through the tree-tops, flipping upside down and racing each other. We learned a lot about the surrounding natural area which caused the four of us to eat some lichen off a massive tree, and also some nearby Olympic structures which caused us to question our conversion of miles per hour to kilometers per hour when discussing the speed of the bobsled track that was visible from our treetop platform (the fastest track in the world!). I 100% suggest Ziptrek Ecotours if you want to soar through the tree tops of Whistler.






Best Places to Eat in Whistler


Zogs Dogs

Zogs Dogs, a cart in the center of the village, has a variety of delicious Poutine options. We sat in the rain and devoured two trays, way too fast, which wound up making me sick. Do not fret, it was not the food! The remaining three females in the party were absolutely fine.

Mongolie Grill

A great lunch stop was Mongolie Grill, which we grabbed to go so we could sit outside. Although a little pricey, building your own stir fry is one of the greatest ideas ever. It is priced based on weight, and rice comes on the side, therefore my suggestion is to use the small bowl; do your best to fill up on veggies and meats – the fewer noodles the better off your price will be. In my opinion, it was worth every penny because it was delicious and easy to bring to a beautiful outdoor seat.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a must if you have a sweet tooth. The aura of fresh chocolate is unbelievable. Stop in and grab the best chocolate covered _______ (insert item here) of your life; you will not be disappointed.

Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

We also stopped at Great Glass Elevator Candy shop which had a great selection of the super sugary, fruity, non-chocolatey candies. I belong to team chocolate! So I did not invest in any candy but my travel companions enjoyed the selection.

There are PLENTY of places to eat in Whistler, many we weren’t able to try due to time constraints but every place we walked past was busy. A friend did eat pizza and said it was horrendous, however, why would a New Yorker eat pizza elsewhere and expect it to taste the same as home? I’m sure to anyone else, it’s good.


I wish I had more time in Whistler to explore the outdoor world, mountain bike and go to the sliding center! One day was not long enough. There are so many different ways to experience Whistler; whether you’re a thrill seeker, a peacekeeper or a total foodie you cannot pass up a weekend in Whistler if you’re in British Columbia!


Explore the town, the treetops, and enjoy the outdoor culture. 

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