like a book club, with fewer rules.

If you look in any classroom across America, you’re bound to find some form of a Book Nook. They are all the rage in classrooms across America. Inspiring children to read is becoming increasingly more important, especially as they become adults. With fewer children reading, it’s important to find a way for adults to establish an appetite for learning.

Ever think you might want to be part of a Book Club? … and then you find yourself thinking, well what if I don’t finish the story in time? What if I absolutely hate the book that’s been picked out? What if the topic isn’t what I’m looking for? What if I can’t make it to a meeting? That list of doubts can go on and on. Meanwhile, the list of reasons to join a book club certainly outweigh the reasons not to. Despite the positives associated with joining a book club, I’ve always kept my reading to myself.

A book shelf filled with outdoor focuses titles

All of those thoughts up there have inspired a little Expedition Education on-line Book Nook. With a little outdoor book inspiration, I hope to create a space where people might stumble upon a book they’d be interested in reading. At this stage in my life, the books I’m reading have a lot to do with hiking and being outside. Many of these posts I would classify as outdoor book reviews. After I read a book, I’ll throw a quick little review up here in hopes of helping some of my likeminded followers find something fresh to sink their ravenous brains into. 

My reading habits.

If you know anything about me, you know that I am very busy at work. When I’m not teaching or coaching I’m attempting adventure; when I’m doing none of the three, I’m writing about it. This makes reading, something I thoroughly enjoy, a bit tough. I grew up reading often. There are a number of series I burned through in months as a kid (The Baby-Sitters Club, Harry Potter, The Private Series…). I LOVED the scholastic book fair and would spend hours at Borders Books (before Barnes & Noble took over) with my mom. Unfortunately, as an adult, I find myself reading less and less; as someone who is constantly promoting reading and learning, I hate this! 

So here I am, hoping to motivate myself to read a bit extra while encouraging you to enjoy some of the same stories that have me wanting to get outside more and more! 


I will add links to each photo as titles are finished and reviewed!

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