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This policy is valid from 13 February 2018

Transparency Statement

Expedition Education is a personal blog and webpage. All opinions, stories, pictures, etc… are my own unless otherwise noted in the post and properly accredited. This blog accepts sponsorship, paid advertisement, commission, or other forms of compensation. On each post, you will find a specific disclaimer regarding that post in particular. In some cases, I may find an item or a cause that I am passionate about and may purchase an item to share with my followers on here. As a blogger, I work with different companies, brands, shops, affiliate marketing agencies, and other organizations and agencies to help promote my blog, share my experiences, travels, products and reviews. To remain transparent with those I work with and with my followers, I will put a specific disclosure/disclaimer on the post. On social media, I will use the terms #ad, #sponsored, or #ambassador to indicate the type of post and affiliation with the product and/or caption.

As a passionate individual, I guarantee you, the reader, that you will never find me promoting, advertising, or writing about anything that I do not truly support, would purchase, or would apply to my own life. I am here to provide you with the most honest and loyal blog through respect and integrity; I am not here to make a quick dollar or create a quick advertisement.

For any questions regarding my transparency policy feel free to e-mail me at

For business inquiry please send me an e-mail at

Safety Statement

I cannot stress this enough, use good judgment, safety comes first! My blog posts, destination pages, and suggestions are a guide and only a guide; I am a fairly experienced outdoorswoman who provides transparent information assuming readers are in the minimum physical shape to travel and complete outdoor adventure activities. It is up to you to properly prepare for your own adventures! I speak to my own personal opinions and experiences on my blog to provide inspiration to those who seek to travel, exploration, and adventure to those same places.

When visiting the outdoors always know your limitations and know that mother nature has her own agenda. Some of my experiences may be more strenuous than others and it is very important to know your limits to avoid injuring yourself or others, getting lost, or worse. It is important to always check the weather and trail conditions; plan accordingly.

It is very important to care for the great outdoors. Always follow Leave No Trace principles. Doing so will help maintain the areas and keep them well kept for their natural inhabitants as well as many future generations of homo sapiens to enjoy.

Affiliate Links

You may find affiliate links posted throughout some posts and pages on my website. The use of affiliate links allows me to provide advertisements to companies in exchange for small commission at no additional charge to you. The commission is what helps keep my website content free to you, the reader. Clicking or purchasing through these links will help me continue to provide you with travel tips, inspiration, and so much more. At this current time, these companies are Dazey LA, and Tamga Designs. As always, I try to keep the advertisements on my sidebar to a minimum.

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