Hi there everyone!

Welcome to Expedition Education! I’m Kati, a full-time Middle School Physical Education teacher,  three season coach, freelance writer, and weekend adventurer. I currently reside in the great state of New York with my kitty, my boyfriend, my plants, and a backpack ready to go at a moments notice. Every day, my goal is to empower our youth to live a life they enjoy and would be proud of. Although I genuinely love what I do and absolutely adore my students and athletes, I have dreams that extend beyond the classroom. One day, I hope to spend more time learning from more regular adventures than teaching others about the life lessons I’ve learned from them. 

I’ve been lucky enough to travel from a young age & have been to a multitude of amazing places. In my late teens, I fell in love with the outdoors and haven’t looked back since. If my full-time job could be to explore Earth’s wild places, I would throw everything on my back and go… I’m working on it!

An experience is considered an adventure when there is risk involved; my goal is to inspire you to live outside of that comfort zone holding you back! Whether you prefer luxury travel, hostel city hopping, quick weekend getaways, or backwoods excursions, I’ve probably gone on a trip or two that you can relate to. Sift through my content to find something that stimulates growth… and run with it! I’m always here to help.