Vancouver: First Thoughts 

Aside from gaining time upon arrival, there are many other great ‘first thoughts’ regarding Vancouver. First, the public transportation we took from the airport to city center was easy to use, inexpensive, clean and most importantly, efficient. I suggest taking the train from the airport into the city for quick, reliable and fairly cheap transportation! 

We emerged from the shallows of the subway to a bustling city full of  many dining options, shopping opportunities and cyclists. Van city is very cyclist friendly! On the main roads there are specific biking lanes – seperated from cars by a divider, with their own traffic signals and turning lanes. Everywhere you go in B.C. has bicyclists. It seems like a healthy, cost effective, & time saving alternative to public transportation and taxis/cabs. 

The north eastern side of the city overlooks the Burrard Inlet. We spent a solid half hour sitting on a park bench enjoying a street musician and the view from Harbour Green Park. It was so different, and exceptionally peaceful, to breathe in salty air with such a lucious, mountainous terrain to ponder. 

Our Violinist Friend
We enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner and drinks at Earls. Every place we have walked past has amazing happy hour and drink specials but Earls menu seemed the most appropriate for a celebration. 

Everyone we have met since arriving has been incredibly kind and personable. A young woman saw us taking a photo together and offered to take it so we could all be in! Spending my 24th birthday in Vancouver has been great and we can’t wait to return on Wednesday…. but for now we’re off to Whistler. 

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