IMG_7018Hey there! I’m Kati, a full time Middle School Physical Education teacher in the great state of New York. Although I absolutely love what I do and am grateful to be employed in my field, I have big dreams that reach way beyond the realm of public education.

I’ve been lucky enough to travel from a young age with my family and have been to a multitude of amazing places. If my full-time job could be to travel, I would drop everything and go.

I’m hoping to share my experiences, past and present, here with anyone who is interested.  I travel in a variety of ways to an even greater variety of destinations; whether you like to live the life of luxury on your travels, throw a backpack on and head out, or somewhere in between, I’ve probably gone on a trip or two that you can relate to!

Thanks for reading! Now get out there and fulfill your wanderlust ⇒