Hi there, I’m Kati!

I’m a full-time teacher and a part-time content creator currently located in the USA. My fiancé possesses all the camera skills, while I do all the custom travel itinerary creation. Trip planning, writing, and editing for Expedition Education falls on my shoulders!

We spend our weekends and school breaks adventuring; a lot of our time is dedicated to backpacking through the Adirondacks, hiking and camping in our National Parks, and exploring cities near and far.

We live for adventures and love to share our experiences with all y’all in hopes that you can get out there and learn from your own travels. There is always something to learn from your experiences! Check out the free resources below if you’re looking to plan your next trip.

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Custom Travel Itinerary Creation

Are you looking for an amazing new adventure but don’t quite know where to begin?

Are you ready to take some time off of work to explore but you think planning takes away from the fun?

You’re in luck! Planning adventures is my absolute favorite thing to do… well, except going on the adventure of course. Fill out this form to get started on your custom travel itinerary!

I will happily help you to plan your next vacation, big or small, for $20 per day. What are you waiting for?

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