21 Best Hikes in Tetons – Trails in the National Park

List of the Best Hikes in Tetons

This beautiful place is home to some of the best day hikes in the United States. Are you looking for an easy trail, hoping for the best views, or craving a challenge with a long day hike in high elevation? We have the best hikes in Tetons for you!

Jackson Hole is home to the beautiful Teton range. There are so many hiking trails for any skill level in Grand Teton National Park. I’ve compiled a list of 21 easy, moderate, and strenuous hikes so you can best choose your adventure!

242 miles of hiking trails in Grand Teton National Park

Easy Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

These shorter hikes in the Tetons also have less than 500 feet of elevation gain making them some of the more popular hikes in the park! Early morning starts will be beneficial for avoiding large crowds and snagging a good spot in the parking lot.

Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail

Distance: 2.5 mi

Feet of Elevation Gain: 85 feet


A very easy trail with gorgeous views of Jackson Lake and the Teton range. This short hike leaves from a popular area of the park. The best time to experience this great place is in the morning hours or at sunset.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Leigh Lake Trail

Distance: 3.7 Mile 

Feet of Elevation Gain: 50 feet


Amazing views in exchange for a relatively easy walk from the parking area near String Lake trailhead.

Photo Credit: All Trails

Flagg Canyon Hike

Distance: 5.1 Miles Out and Back

Feet of Elevation Gain: 324 feet


Park at Flagg Ranch bridge and begin your route along the Snake River and Flagg Canyon. The trail will lead you through a meadow and up a hill where there are plenty of wildlife sightings to be had along the cliffs.

Photo Credit: AllTrails

Polecat Creek Trail

Distance: 2.5 Mile Loop

Feet of Elevation Gain: 55 feet


The perfect flat trail for an easy hike or a beginner trail run! If you’re visiting the park in the winter months, Polecat Creek Trail is a popular cross-country ski trail as well.

Photo Credit: Utah’s Adventure Family

String Lake Loop

Distance: 3.7 Mile 

Feet of Elevation Gain: 248 feet


A nice little loop around the lake with more beautiful views of the Teton range.

Photo Credit: Teton Hiking Trails

Taggart Lake Loop

Distance: 3.8 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 439 feet


The Taggart Lake Loop is one of the most popular trails in the park. Arrive early to the Taggart Lake Trailhead to avoid full parking lots and busy trails/viewpoints!

Photo Credit: Hiking Project

Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point via Ferry

Distance: 1.8 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 500 feet


Arguably the most popular sights in the park, Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point are both busy and beautiful! With a ferry ride under your belt, your starting point at the boat dock brings you fairly close to your destination. It’s one of the best ways to experience the park with low mileage.

one of the best hikes in Tetons is home to waterfall views!

Take a Moderate Hike in the Tetons

These moderate hikes in Grand Teton National Park are longer round-trip and gain more feet of elevation gain. Generally, hikes that are three miles or more should be considered moderate, even if they are flat or otherwise easy.

Cascade Canyon

Distance: 9 miles out and back

Feet of Elevation Gain: 438 feet 


The Cascade Canyon Trail is one of my favorite hikes, ever. It provides incredible views of the Teton Range even through the haze of late July. Choose the difficulty of your hike by taking the ferry and choosing your own turnaround point.

hazy views from the best hikes in tetons

Grand View Point

Distance: 6.1 Miles out and back 

Feet of Elevation Gain: 790 feet

This hike begins in the Jackson Lake Lodge area. The hike begins near the gas and corral area. You will begin your hike by traveling under the Teton Park Road overpass. You may be sharing the trail with horses for the first half-mile of your trip!

Photo Credit: Hiking Project

Hermitage Point Loop 

Distance: 10.2 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 438 feet


A relatively easy hike along the shores of Jackson Lake. Although this hike is long, the elevation gain is minimal and the woods and meadows are lovely to walk through. There are also a number of beautiful backcountry campsites along this trail if that interest you.

Even in the haze, this is one of the best hikes in Tetons

Jenny Lake Loop

Distance: 7.5 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 275 


The Jenny Lake Trail is a long, perimeter trail around the famous lake. Get up close and personal with the mountains with very little elevation gain.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Phelps Lake Trail

Distance: 8.4 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 737 


The trailhead for the Phelps Lake Loop is located in the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve off Moose-Wilson Road. Bring your swimsuit on this beautiful hike! Phelps Lake is well-known for its pristine waters and perfect jumping rock.

Photo Credit: All Trails

Signal Mountain Trail

Distance: 8.3 Miles Out & Back

Feet of Elevation Gain: 1,184 feet


A hike with great solitude but a busy viewpoint. Visitors can choose to hike or drive up Signal Mountain. Because you can drive to the summit, it’s the perfect place to catch a relaxing sunset after a long day.

Photo Credit: Trail Run Project

Strenuous Hikes in Grand Teton National Park

If you’re looking for a short-distance hike, this isn’t your list. These hikes are largely empty during the busy summer months and for good reason, they are strenuous. These hikes are not for the faint of heart.

Amphitheater Lake Trail

Distance: 10.2 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 3,001 feet


An incredibly strenuous hike to one of the most beautiful alpine lakes in the country. This is easily one of the most challenging hikes in the park and is only suggested for experienced hikers. Amphitheater lakes is a great hike for those who are capable of serious trail climbs.

Photo Credit: Trip Advisor

Bradley Lake

Distance: 9.8 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 1526 


A beautiful hike with stunning views and pristine lakes. Do the hike counter-clockwise to have great views of the Tetons along the majority of your hike.

Photo Credit: Fine Arts America

Death Canyon Trailhead 

Distance: 18.7 miles out and back

Feet of Elevation Gain: 3,792 feet


Find the Death Canyon Trailhead along Moose-Wilson Road. Black and grizzly bears frequent this area, so be sure to carry bear spray (as you should on all of the best hikes in Tetons).

Photo Credit: Fine Art America

Delta Lake 

Distance: 8.4 miles mile out-and-back

Feet of Elevation Gain: 2,247 feet


Head to Delta Lake via the Lupine Meadows Trailhead. The Delta Lake trail is an unofficial, unmaintained trail that branches off of the Amphitheater and Surprise Lake Trail. The trail is rough, rugged, and unmarked; do not attempt without adequate outdoor experience and knowledge.

Photo Credit: Free Roaming Hikers

Garnet Canyon

Distance: 8.5 Miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 2,240 feet


Reach Garnet Canyon from the Lupine Meadows Trailhead and experience boulder fields, views of Disappointment Peak, and panoramic views of the range. It’s important to know that black bears frequent this area so traveling in groups of 3 or more with bear spray in hand is suggested.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Lake Solitude

Distance: 14.2 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 2,246 feet


Cross a number of beautiful spots off your list on this hike! Take the ferry from the boat dock across south Jenny Lake or hike around and experience lake views, inspiration point, hidden falls, Cascade Canyon, and Lake Solitude in one very long day hike.

Lake Solitude, one of the best teton hikes
Lake Solitude… A perfect turnaround point for a long Teton day hike!

Paintbrush Canyon

Distance: 19.7 miles

Feet of Elevation Gain: 3975 feet


Be prepared for a wide variety of weather conditions on this epic hike! On this trail, you will cross over one of the highest points you can reach on a maintained trail inside Grand Teton National Park. At 10,700 feet, Paintbrush Divide is the highest point in your hike. From here the trail passes through Cascade Canyon, stopping at Lake Solitude, Inspiration Point, and Hidden Falls before making its way back to Jenny Lake.

Photo Credit: Seeking Our Someday

Teton Crest Trail

Distance: 25.7

Feet of Elevation Gain: 3,828 feet


The Teton Crest Trail is an epic overnight, backpacking trip for outdoor enthusiasts in Grand Teton National Hikes. Easily one of the best hikes in Tetons due to its high alpine scenery, wildlife sighting, and ability to hike challenging side trips.

Photo Credit: The Clymb

Grand Teton Park Ranger Favorite Trails

Our favorite way to choose our National Park hikes is to ask the Park Rangers we meet along the way. The Park Rangers we met in Jenny Lake Visitor Center and Colter Bay Visitors Center had the following suggestions:

Lake Solitude hits a number of park favorites in one long day hike. Delta Lake is a tough trail, but you will likely have the turquoise lake to yourself. Finally, Hermitage Point might be a long mileage day, but the hike is on the easier side and provides gorgeous views of the Teton Range across Jackson Lake.

We love asking Park Rangers for their favorite hikes. Share your skill level and preparedness with them and they’ll likely have the perfect suggestion!

Best Things to Do in Grand Teton National Park

Although hiking is always at the very top of my list when exploring National Parks such as Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park, there’s so much more to do!

When visiting the Tetons, you can’t skip the 42-mile scenic drive. There’s also nothing better than having a lazy lake day after hitting a long trail the day before! You’ll have to head over to my post on how to spend one day in the Grand Tetons for 10 more amazing ways to experience the park.

One of the best views in Grand Teton National Park
Lazy Lake Day Fun!

Disclaimer: Many of these photos are not mine. During our travel to Grand Teton National Hike we experienced A LOT of haze. I want you to see the true beauty of these views! Any photo without credit in the caption is mine.

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