Foot Stuff Podcast, A Review

If you love outdoor recreation and don’t mind a good laugh, you must listen to Foot Stuff Podcast! Rated PG-13, with 4.9 stars, and filled to the brim with perfection. This podcast is 2 1/2 parts education and 2 parts mockery; $#!+ is strong. In a search for something other than music to keep me awake on my long-ass drives home from Central New York to Suffolk County (631 repPupin!), I found Foot Stuff Podcast in summer of 2018 and my life is certainly better for it. Foot Stuff Podcast, a review, will give you the rundown on this phenomenal podcast.

What They’re All About.

Foot Stuff Podcast, the Outdoor Recreation Comedy, brings you stories of adventure, antics, and activism from around the world. Four goofball guys with a passion for outdoor recreation and protecting wild spaces get together on Mondays to delve into an interesting outdoor topic. Wednesday episodes begin with a bit of foot stuff; hosts and guests share what they may have done in the previous week. Sometimes the adventure someone has embarked on inspires me to try a new trail or activity, and most of the time it’s a trail I can relate to and their storytelling cracks me up. 

After discussing their individual -and sometimes group- foot stuff, it is time for Hiker News! Hiker News can be saddening, surprising, and shocking. Information on missing hikers, broken thru-hiking records, and important messages from the DEC in the Adirondacks. For example, I first heard that The Garden -a very busy trailhead for many of the High Peaks in the Adirondacks- was closed to public parking in the summer of 2019 while listening to Foot Stuff. Hiker News includes local information and reports from all over the world.   

The final chunk of their time on air is spent on a specific topic. The guys have covered recreating in other regions, such as Patagonia and Antarctica; but they don’t foget about their local challenges such as the Cranberry Lake 50 and the Northville Placid Trail. I’ve learned about everything from the climbing culture in Yosemite to the effects of road salt on our beloved Adirondack lakes.  Topics are often related to the time of year or a current event and always leave me curious and hungry for more facts; such was the case with the Christmas Bird Count Episode. Each theme is full of pertinent information and just the right amount of hilarity. 

The gang.

Matt, Tyler, Wade, and Jeremy call the Adirondack Park home. Their knowledge of and passion for outdoor recreation and activism are evident each and every Wednesday. The dynamic of this group is so authentic you will find yourself smiling throughout each episode. You can get to really know each member of the gang in episode 62! Matt, Tyler, Wade, and Jeremy aren’t the only voices you’ll hear through your speakers. Guests are frequent on the podcast and honestly bring in such awesome information on a variety of topics. It’s really nice to hear first-hand experiences, and expertise from friends of the pod. Knowledgeable individuals have shared their proficiency in ice fishing, wilderness therapy, the New York State Ranger shortage and beyond.  

Foot stuff podcast Review.

Reviewers have left statements such as 

“Thanks for an entertaining podcast full of education in a light and humorous environment .”

“Foot Stuff is my unexpected favorite Podcast! These guys are hilarious, interesting, and there’s not so much funny in the episodes that you don’t get actual information.”

“Love listening to this great group of funny, witty, and adventurous guys talking about the great outdoors, the Adirondacks, nature, science, and everything in between!”

If you ever feel like leaving a review, 5-stars only. 


Best times to listen to a Podcast: while driving, while walking for exercise, while walking to work, while cooking, while performing housework, while casually playing video games,  in place of watching television, or during any mindless work. You can listen to Foot Stuff Podcast via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Podcast. Follow Foot Stuff on Instagram and watch their adventures between episodes! 

**For those of you who are clueless about the state of New York, Suffolk County is as far east as you can go on Lawn Guyland – New York’s big ole’ middle finger. The drive from central NY to eastern LI is extensive in any kind of traffic so a good podcast helps me through it! 

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