Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands

A beautiful archipelago of eight major islands in the Pacific Ocean. Of the eight islands, I have traveled to two of them; both aesthetically pleasing and full of beautiful, kind individuals and places. I will share with you how I spent my time there with a strong focus on what I could not, would not miss.

Aloha & Mahalo for reading! 


KAUAI – Places to see

KAUAI – Places to eat

OAHU – Aulani Resort Review

OAHUPlaces to see/eat


In my early job hunts as a newly graduated teacher candidate, landing a teaching position seemed impossible; I looked into countless positions on any of the Hawaiian Islands because of all the exploring I knew I had left here. Granted, it all worked out and I teach in my home-state of New York, however, if I could make Hawaii my home I think I would… simply because of all that’s left there to explore and all I’ve done there that I already love and am itching to do again!


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