24 Hours in Helsinki, Finland

HELSINKI, FINLAND When I traveled from Stockholm, Sweden to Helsinki, Finland on Viking Lines, my cruise ship docked at 11:00 AM on a Wednesday and I was expected to board my cruise back to Stockholm by 5:00 PM the following day. We were determined to make the absolute most of our – approximate – 30Continue reading “24 Hours in Helsinki, Finland”

Moose Bus Tour Network, a review

The only reason I was able to see all the beautiful places I practically drooled over in Canada was because I booked with Moose. Their amazing staff members and clientele, along with perfectly chosen sights and locations, made this trip one for the books. Moose offers a number of guided tours through Western and EasternContinue reading “Moose Bus Tour Network, a review”

Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler was a MUST SEE on my list of Western Canadian cities. As a host to the 2010 Winter Olympics and a hub for hiking, biking, and skiing this recreation loving Physical Education teacher couldn’t resist exploring the pedestrian village of Whistler, BC. TO DO. The quaint pedestrian village of Whistler is full of shopping,Continue reading “Whistler, British Columbia”

Vancouver: First Thoughts 

Aside from gaining time upon arrival, there are many other great ‘first thoughts’ regarding Vancouver. First, the public transportation we took from the airport to city center was easy to use, inexpensive, clean and most importantly, efficient. I suggest taking the train from the airport into the city for quick, reliable and fairly cheap transportation! Continue reading “Vancouver: First Thoughts “