Cafés of Gamla Stan: Best Places to Eat in Stockholm

Don’t get stuck eating at an overpriced cafe with underquality food! Check out my favorite Cafes during my week-long stay in Gamla Stan, Stockholm.

Love something? Share it with the world.

I fell in love with the outdoors just weeks before my 21st birthday. I was required to take a course titled PED 308: Outdoor Education for Teachers. The purpose of the course was to not only teach outdoor survival skills but important affective qualities that successful teachers must have. The situations that the course putsContinue reading “Love something? Share it with the world.”

Moose Bus Tour Network: The Best Canadian Tour Company

The only reason I was able to see all the beautiful places I practically drooled over in Canada was because I booked with Moose Bus Tour Network. Their amazing staff members and clientele, along with perfectly chosen sights and locations, made this trip one for the books. I would suggest Moose Bus Tours to anyone,Continue reading “Moose Bus Tour Network: The Best Canadian Tour Company”

2 Day Whistler Travel Guide: An Amazing Weekend Itinerary

Whistler was a MUST SEE on my list of Western Canadian cities. As a host to the 2010 Winter Olympics and a hub for hiking, biking, and skiing it’s an outdoor enthusiast heaven. In this 2 Day Whistler Travel Guide, we’ll explore the pedestrian village of Whistler’s top things to do and best eats! ThingsContinue reading “2 Day Whistler Travel Guide: An Amazing Weekend Itinerary”

Vancouver: First Thoughts 

Aside from gaining time upon arrival, there are many other great ‘first thoughts’ regarding Vancouver. First, the public transportation we took from the airport to city center was easy to use, inexpensive, clean and most importantly, efficient. I suggest taking the train from the airport into the city for quick, reliable and fairly cheap transportation! Continue reading “Vancouver: First Thoughts “

7 Things I will NOT Forget Next Music Festival

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life; I can’t believe I have waited this long to attend a weekend-long music festival. I wish I could go back this weekend but I guess I can settle for next year, even though I would prefer attending another one before the summer ends. CampingContinue reading “7 Things I will NOT Forget Next Music Festival”

Forever Young Swimwear, a review

Summer season is filled with sunshine, cold beverages and bikinis… yikes. I enjoy the summer months (although they aren’t my favorite) but DREAD ‘bikini season’. As comfortable as I am with my body and all its fabulous imperfections, I still want to look presentable in what I put on and bathing suits aren’t always the mostContinue reading “Forever Young Swimwear, a review”