Camper Van Reviews: Best Road Trips in a KuKu Campervan

My husband and I rented a KuKu Campervan for our 7-day road trip through Northern New Mexico, which was life-changing. If you’re flying into Denver, this is one of the last camper van reviews you’ll ever need to read. 

Some rental companies offer one type of van conversion that is simply not for every traveler. Luckily, KuKu Camper provides a variety of options for its customers. Save time and money while making the most of your trip by renting with KuKu Campers USA. 

Why are KuKu Campers the best Camper Vans Rental in Denver?

KuKu Campers offers several categories of vans for a variety of adventurous travelers. Their van conversions provide everything you need for a great trip.

This is one of those camper van reviews that are designed to help you choose the best rental companies for your needs. Here are 7 reasons why we think KuKu Campers USA is the best Camper Van Renal in Denver! 

It was so nice to have camp chairs and a camp table so we could sit outside and enjoy the views!

Extras Make Packing Easy

KuKu Campers USA offers a variety of extras. These extras can truly help make your experience seamless. 

Choose from everyday camping necessities, like a sleeping bag, pillow, and camp chair. No need to pack a large piece of luggage full of camping gear when you can rent it for a low cost! 

Additional fun extra items include guitars, skateboards, and Bluetooth speakers. These aren’t necessary for a good time but they sure can enhance your adventure.   

KuKu extras also include car seats and booster seats for the KuKu Kids in your life! You can also add ski and bike racks to your rental for an extra cost. 

Transportation From Airport

It’s likely that if you’re renting one of the best campervans Colorado has to offer, you traveled here from another state or country. Luckily, there are three different ways you can travel from Denver International to the KuKu Campers USA office. 

  • Use Public Transportation
    This is the cheapest way to get from Denver International Airport to the office, however, it will take you the longest amount of time. Take the train from the airport into the city (A line to Union Station), then walk or take the free bus to 16th Street and California Station to take the D Line to Littleton/Mineral Station.
  • Schedule an Uber
    Snag an Uber or a Lyft upon your arrival or schedule it so you know it’ll be there when you need it! An Uber from Denver International to Littleton is between $50 and $70. 
  • KuKu Airport Shuttle 
    Airport pick-ups and drop-offs can be scheduled with KuKu for an additional fee. This service is only available on weekdays and will cost you more than an Uber or a Lyft. 
Is there a better way to wake up in the morning? Nope, the answer is NO.

Most Affordable Campervan Option

Renting a Campervan from KuKu Campervans USA is very affordable. If you’re traveling in the off-season, it’s actually comparable in cost to your car rental! Even in the heart of summer, there are campervan options for $100 or less. 

There are no hidden fees when you rent with KuKu Campervan USA. All rentals include unlimited mileage. There is an $80 fee for trips that go over 3,000 mileage to cover the proper disposal of chemical waste after a vehicle service, which the vehicle would require after your trip. When booking, you’ll notice a $70 cleaning fee and a $45 service fee. 

When my husband and I looked into other campervan options we noticed that their base rate was $50-100 more per day for a similar size van. We also found that other companies limited your daily mileage, required a minimum daily booking of 4 or more days, and charged for additional drivers. 

Know Exactly What You’re Getting

When you’re searching for the perfect camper van conversion for your vacation, KuKu has you covered. When you select a category from their website, you’ll be able to see the specifics. 

Know if you’ll be driving a Ford Transit, a Mercedes Metris, or a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van right from the start. The description will also include how many miles per gallon and how many people it sleeps. 

If you select a category to see more information, you’ll learn about the interior specifications. See the floor plans of each van, including a queen, or full-size bed, small kitchen layout, and other great features. 

Each category also includes a photo gallery so you know exactly what to expect in your van rental. You can also access camper van reviews in video form so you can truly get a feel for the inside of your rental van. 

Pay for and camp in a designated campsite or free and dispersed camp on BLM & State Forest Land!

Dog-Friendly Camper Van Rentals

Dogs are part of the family, so why not bring them on your next adventure? KuKu Campers are dog-friendly! 

They do charge a fee of $100 per dog to assist in additional cleaning of the vehicle after. 

This fee is significantly less than what you’d pay per hotel over the course of your stay and allows your pup to be living the van life dream alongside you! 

Great Customer Service

No matter who you speak to on the KuKu staff, they’re going to be knowledgeable and helpful!

When you arrive at the KuKu Campervan office in Littleton, Colorado you’ll be met with a staff member who will walk you through every step of traveling with your van. They’ll show you how to make interior adjustments from living space to sleeping space and how everything from the solar power fan and USB ports to the heating system works. 

This puts you in a great position to get out on the road with confidence! If you’re super forgetful, like I sometimes can be, take notes on your phone or snap a video recording of the things you think you might mess up. 

A Variety of Van Sizes and Types

KuKu Campers offers a variety of rental vans. From simple Subarus with rooftop tents to luxury Sprinter Vans with all the amenities. 

The fact that there are multiple options means you can choose whichever rental option works best for your budget while also meeting your needs. Minimalist, off-grid campers might not find the Category C, luxury sprinter van necessary and thus shouldn’t have to pay that price.

Luckily, we’re going to review the three main KuKu Campervan categories and what type of travel we think they would be best for. 

Best KuKu Campers Van Rentals

These three camper van reviews should provide anyone looking to rent with the best style for their adventure. KuKu Campers USA offers a variety of Class B RV options that are small, streamlined, and ready to roll!

Category F

The best rental option for anyone looking to car camp in an everyday street vehicle.

This category is best for people who are looking for an opportunity to road trip and camp without having to pack their tent and camping gear. A four-wheel drive Subaru Forester equipped with a rooftop tent allows adventurers the opportunity to drive an everyday vehicle on their road trip while still reaping the benefits of a campsite on wheels. This can reduce overall costs when taking gas mileage, fuel costs, and tolls into consideration.

The rooftop tent makes set up and break down a bit faster than your traditional tent setup and gets you off the ground! With all you need for a camp kitchen ready to pull out in the back, you’ll travel with ease in your mobile campsite. 

Additionally, this is a great option for individuals traveling in a larger group. This option drives five and sleeps two. Pack or rent a tent for your extra party members and get on the road with a group of friends or family members! 

Category AM

The best campervan for a couple looking for simple off-grid camping.

This category is best for two people who are looking for a simple accommodation upgrade. The Mercedes Metris Hatchback is a maneuverable size that still provides room for hangout space and gear. This is the category my husband and I utilized for our week-long road trip and it was perfect for us.

Being able to sleep inside the vehicle you’re driving around in is incredibly convenient. It makes moving from one campsite to another a breeze and gives you the freedom to sleep in some areas you might not necessarily want to pitch a tent in. It’s also amazing that the front seats are captains’ chairs; this allowed us to turn them and sit inside at the dinette table to eat or play card games when the weather wasn’t cooperating. 

Your camp kitchen pulls out of the back with cold storage and pantry storage, as well as a space to keep your cooking utensils, stove, pots, and pans. The other drawer fits a suitcase perfectly and includes adjustable dividers that allow you to change the compartment size to hold your gear.

Pick up in Denver and drive across beautiful Colorado to start your Utah adventure in Moab.

Category C-LUX 

The best campervan option for a family of 5! 

With the ability to drive and sleep 5, this KuKu Campervan Rental is the best option for families. This epic van provides a place for you and your family to sleep, cook, eat, play, and drive from one location to the next in one rental. There’s more than enough room for a family of five to enjoy the little things together with a bit of extra room.

A queen size bed with a top bunk (slightly smaller than your typical double bed) makes for a comfortable and cozy sleeping situation for the whole family. Your camp kitchen is built into the interior and includes a mini Fridge, sink with a refillable water tank, and grey water tank in the back. This rental van also includes a mounted solar panel that provides power to the eclectic power fan, wall plugs, and USB ports.  

 It’s important to note that this camper van rental is inappropriate if you’re traveling with children under 20 pounds. Because the rear seats only include two-point seatbelts or lap belts, they cannot safely accommodate very young children. 

Cooking dinner made easy in our campervan rental!

They Don’t Have the Style I’m Looking For

Some people are into campervans for their functionality, and others love a van for its look. Most camper van reviews share that first-time van lifers find the base model of whatever small RV they’re renting to be more than adequate for their trip. 

KuKu Campers offers a variety of amazing categories, however, they don’t offer extreme luxury class b motorhomes such as the Winnebago Revel or Winnebago Solis. Although these amazing styles of RV vans provide a state-of-the-line interior space, plenty of power, and a chic exterior look, they’re definitely meant more as a full-time living space.

KuKu’s mission is to help you do vacation differently. Vacation on a budget and see all that Colorado and the United States have to offer in a simple RV van that includes everything you need and none of what you don’t! 

Camper van reviews are designed to help you choose an rv class and company that best suits your needs. If you’re not sold on KuKu and the type of rentals they have available at this point, you might want to look elsewhere.

Why wouldn’t you want to cook dinner with views like these!?

My 5 Favorite Things About Camper Vans

  • #1 Break Down & Set Up
    You no longer need to set up and break down camp every day or every time you want to go somewhere new. Spin your chairs, jump in the driver seat, and move on. Saves you so much time and energy.
  • #2 Can Camp Anywhere
    Reserve paid campsites at designated campgrounds or opt for free and dispersed camping on BLM land, State Forest Land, and/or National Forests. The safe camping possibilities are endless.
  • #3 Perfect in Poor Weather
    Camping in the rain sucks. Even with the best gear, you’re damp and uncomfortable and your gear is most certainly wet. This is a pain in the butt for packing your gear in the morning! Vans eliminate that!
  • #4 Store All Your Gear Inside the Vehicle
    We love the ability to store our bikes, snowboards, camping gear, etc. inside of our locked vehicle. Rooftop pods and racks are great but, you simply can’t trust people these days!
  • #5 Eliminate Most Emergency Costs
    High winds, monsoon level rains, and/or dangerous temperatures are less life threatening when sleeping in a van versus a tent on the ground. Lessen the need for emergency hotel room stays with a van!

Should I Rent from KuKu Campers USA?

An astounding yes! All rental companies are not made the same and KuKu is by far one of the best. The RV industry can be difficult to understand, but KuKu makes it easy to navigate renting the perfect camper for your next vacation. What are you waiting for? Get a quote and book your KuKu rental today!

In the world of camper vans, class B motorhomes are a great option for those seeking easy-to-drive, 3-in-1 set ups that can be parked almost anywhere. Sleep, cook, lounge, and drive in one of the best camper vans you can rent with KuKu Campers USA. If you’re looking for a great experience, renting through KuKu is a good idea! 

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