25 Best Places to Stay at Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is massive. At over 2 million acres, knowing where to stay at Yellowstone can be difficult. The best areas to stay in depend largely on what sights you’re trying to see during your time in Yellowstone. I’ll share the best hotels and lodging based on location and top attractions in this post. 

Where to Stay at Yellowstone National Park

View of Canary Spring in Mammoth Hot Springs Yellowstone

The best places to stay in Yellowstone depends on what you want to see while you’re visiting. Your stay at Yellowstone depends on what you want to see while you’re visiting and how much you’re willing to drive. Your preferred style of accommodation might be a limiting factor. The willingness to camp will open up many opportunities!

If camping isn’t on your list there are a number of historic hotels and lodging options that will help add to your unique experience in the park. 

Mammoth Hot Springs Accommodations

Stay in this area if you want to experience Mammoth Hot Springs, swimming in the Boiling River, and the historic Fort Yellowstone. 

Closest to the North Entrance and the town of Gardiner, Mammoth Hot Springs offers several accommodation options. 

Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel: Photo Credit
  • Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel
    Open to visitors for summer and winter Yellowstone vacations, Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel is a 10-minute walk from Mammoth Hot Springs and features a historic map room. The hotel’s signature map room contains a large map of the United States made of over 15 types of wood from 9 different countries. 
Enjoying Breakfast with a View in Mammoth Hot Springs
  • Mammoth Campground
    Mammoth is the only campground in the park that is open year round! Located just 5 miles south of the park’s North Entrance, Mammoth Campground is home to 85 sites, a small shower shack, and has flush toilets and fresh water. 
Indian Creek Campground: Photo Credit
  • Indian Creek Campground
    This campground is located about 8 miles south of Mammoth heading toward Norris. It sits at the base of the Gallatin Mountains and provides stunning views of Electric Peak. It’s the perfect campground for a quieter, more primitive experience as there are only vault toilets and potable water stations. 
Canyon Campground – 1648 US-89, Emigrant, MT 59027
  • Gardiner Accommodations
    As the closest town to the North Entrance of Yellowstone, Gardiner is a popular town for tourists who want to experience Yellowstone and stay in hotel rooms instead of tents. Some of the best hotels and lodging include Yellowstone Riverside Cottages, Park Hotel Yellowstone, and the Yellowstone Basin Inn. 

Madison Area Accommodations

Take a spin down Firehole Drive to see an area of the park *most* tourists miss!

Madison is located between Norris Geyser Basin and the Upper and Mid Geyser Basins. Both basins are home to famous geothermal features such as Steamboat Geyser, Old Faithful, and Grand Prismatic. It’s a nice, low-key spot to spend the night that puts you in good positioning for some of the park’s busiest attractions. 

Madison is located just inside the West Entrance. Nearby towns include West Yellowstone, which is 1 mile from the Entrance, and Big Sky, Montana at 51 miles away.


A Perfect Campsite at Madison Campground in Yellowstone
  • Madison Campground
    As one of the largest campgrounds in the park, this is a place you’re most likely to find available campsites during a last-minute stay. The campsites are spacious and offer toilets, potable water, and ice and firewood for sale seasonally.  
Norris Campground: Photo Credit
  • Norris Campground
    A popular campground due to its location next to a large meadow. This makes it perfect for wildlife viewing! Additionally, the Museum of the National Park Ranger and the Norris Geyser Basin is only a quick walk from the campground. 
Town of West Yellowstone: Photo Credit
  • The Town of West Yellowstone Accommodations
    The heart of West Yellowstone is located just three minutes from the West Yellowstone Park Entrance. This makes the town a popular destination for visitors looking to stay at Yellowstone.

    Some of the best hotels and lodging with a hot tub include Three Bear Lodge and the Explorer Cabins at Yellowstone. In addition, the best budget option in the area is the Super 8 by Wyndham, however, it’s located just outside of West Yellowstone. 

Lodging Near Old Faithful

a male and female couple stand in front of a smoking pool of deep blue and orange water
Solitary Geyser in Yellowstone National Park, A short hike from Old Faithful

The Old Faithful area is home to a number of popular attractions including Old Faithful Geyser herself! Aside from the Old Faithful geyser, 150 additional geothermal features call this area of the park home. This portion of the park has the world’s largest single concentration of hot springs. This makes it a popular destination for park visitors. 

This area of the park is closest to the West Entrance. It is, however, one of the most popular areas of the park! This means that people will travel from any of Yellowstone’s 5 entrances to see Old Faithful and friends.

Old Faithful Inn: Photo Credit
  • Old Faithful Inn
    This National Historic Landmark is the most requested lodging facility in the park. It was built in 1904 with local logs and stone, making it the largest log structure in the world. Whether you stay here or not, you should visit the towering lobby which features an incredibly stone fireplace and a hand-crafted clock made of copper, wood, and wrought iron. 
Old Faithful Snow Lodge: Photo Credit
  • Old Faithful Snow Lodge
    The Snow Lodge is the newest addition to Yellowstone’s full-service hotels and lodging. It’s one of the few locations open in winter, however, you’ll need over-snow transportation to reach it! 
Old Faithful Lodge Cabins: Photo Credit
  • Old Faithful Lodge Cabins
    Old Faithful Lodge has a bit of a misleading name. The lodge provides dining, social, and registration services to those who are accommodated in the detached cabins surrounding the lodge. Budget travelers might opt for the Cabins without baths to save some money; the cabins include a sink but toilets and showers are shared in a nearby bathhouse. Frontier Cabins include a small, but full bathroom.  

Grant Village Accommodations

Black Pool, the crystal clear blue hot spring in West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake

Stay in this area to experience Yellowstone Lake! West Thumb Geyser Basin is home to a number of lakeside geysers and other geothermal activities.


Grant Village is closest to the South and East entrances of the park. Many guests travel up from Jackson Hole from Grand Tetons National Park through the South Entrance of Yellowstone.

Grant Village Campground, Yellowstone
  • Grant Village Campground
    Grant Village Campground is one of the largest in the park. Located just off the Grand Loop Road on the south end of Yellowstone Lake this campground is located near stores, a restaurant, a gas station, a visitor center, and a boat ramp.
Grant Village Deluxe Lodge: Photo Credit
  • Grant Village Deluxe Lodge Rooms
    Grant Village is home to six 2-story buildings featuring 50 rooms each. The deluxe rooms feature 2 Double beds or 1 Queen bed, and either a full bathroom or bathroom with shower only (no bath tub!). Upper floor rooms are accessible by stairs only.
The primitive, beautiful Lewis Lake Campground in Yellowstone
  • Lewis Lake Campground
    This first comer first served campground is one of the last to fill in Yellowstone National Park. Its secluded, wooded campsites are where to stay at Yellowstone for anyone seeing privacy and/or close proximity to Grand Teton National Park as well. 

Fishing Bridge Area Accommodations

Storm Point, Yellowstone Lake near Fishing Bridge

Fishing Bridge rests on the Northern shores of Yellowstone Lake. It puts you in a great position to explore Hayden Valley, one of the top animal viewing areas in the park. It’s also home to an amazingly diverse area of the park with access to numerous trails, water activities, and facilities. 

The following places are best locations to stay near the East Entrance of Yellowstone. The East side of the park is home to many beautiful hiking trails, boating opportunities, and great fishing. 

Bridge Bay Campground: Photo Credit
  • Bridge Bay Campground
    Located along the northwest shores of Yellowstone Lake, one of the largest, high-elevation, fresh-water lakes in North America, camping here is a treat. Campers at Bridge Bay will enjoy spectacular views of the lake and the Absaroka Range rising above the lake’s eastern shore.
Lake Lodge, Yellowstone: Photo Credit
  • Lake Lodge Cabins
    Lake Lodge features a main lodge with gorgeous views of Yellowstone Lake, a grand fireplace, and Wylie’s Canteen, an american eatery within the lodge. There are 186 cabins behind the lodge.

    The Western Cabins are more spacious featuring 2 Queen beds, a shared porch, and a full bathroom. The Frontier Cabins, although newly renovated, are more simple. The Pioneer Cabins are historic and rustic.

Lake Yellowstone Hotel: Photo Credit
  • Lake Yellowstone Hotel
    Choose from a variety of room styles, none of which feature a television or air conditioning, in this casually elegant National Historic Landmark. One of the best parts of the Lake Yellowstone Hotel is the musical entertainment. A string quartet welcomes guests in the newly renovated sun room and a pianist will play well into the summer evening. 
Fishing Bridge RV Park: Photo Credit
  • Fishing Bridge RV Park
    This RV-only campground is nestled along the Yellowstone river where it leaves the lake heading towards the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It’s the only campground in Yellowstone to offer water, sewer, and electrical hookups. It’s an RV-only campground because grizzly bears frequent the area, thus only hard-sided RVs are allowed.
Three Mile Campground: Photo Credit
  • Surrounding National Forest Area
    Just outside Yellowstone’s east entrance, there are a few accommodations available. Threemile Campground, Eagle Creek Campground, and Newton Campground are all first come first serve hard sided RV sites within 45 minutes of the park entrance. There are a number of lodges and cabin-style accommodations along N Fork Highway as well.  

Canyon Village Lodge, Cabins, & Camping

The beautiful Yellowstone Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

You’re going to want to stay at Canyon Village to experience Yellowstone Falls and the North and South Rim. It’s also the most central location for visiting other areas of the park. 

Canyon Village is about halfway between Fishing Bridge and Tower Fall. Approximately halfway between the East Entrance and the North East Entrance. 

Canyon Campground views from the tent…
  • Canyon Campground
    Camp among the lodgepole pines on the edge of Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon. The campground sits just south of the Washburn range and a minute’s drive from the breathtaking Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Canyon Village is home to a number of stores, restaurants, a visitor center, and additional lodging opportunities. 
Canyon Lodge and Cabins: Photo Credit
  • Canyon Lodge and Cabins
    This sprawling facility offers the most lodging of any Yellowstone accommodation with over 500 rooms and cabins. Canyon Lodge is actually made up of 5 LEED certified lodges. The Dunraven Lodge, the Washburn Lodge, the Moran Lodge, the Rhyolite Lodge, the Cascade Lodge, and the recently renovated Western Cabins make up the Canyon Lodge area. 

Places to Stay Near Roosevelt and Tower Fall

Lamar Valley Animal Sightings!

Roosevelt is the closest area to Lamar Valley, the prime wildlife viewing area of the park. You will want to stay here to get a head start on early morning animal sights and sounds. Listen to the howling of wolves, get caught in a Bison jam, and even spot a bear if you’re lucky! 

Roosevelt and Tower Falls are the areas of the park closest to the Northeast Entrance. They are, however, not too far from the North entrance of the park.

Pebble Creek Campground: Photo Credit
  • Pebble Creek Campground
    Pebble Creek offers a more isolated camping experience among the Absaroka Mountains. This is a reservable campground with only 27 sites. It’s proximity to Lamar Valley makes it a hot spot for visitors looking to experience wildlife! 
Tower Fall Campground: Photo Credit
  • Tower Fall Campground
    Reserve a site at Tower Fall Campground to sleep on the north side of the steep, winding road to Dunraven Pass. This campground is located nearby a general store, many hiking trails, and a short drive from Lamar Valley. 
Roosevelt Lodge: Photo Credit
  • Roosevelt Lodge  
    The Roosevelt Lodge Cabins are set near a campsite once used by president Theodore Roosevelt. These rustic cabins, built in 1920, are the perfect home base for families looking to explore Yellowstone. The Roosevelt Lodge corral operation offers horseback trail rides, stagecoach adventures, and, the very popular, Old West Dinner Cookout. 
Slough Creek Campground: Photo Credit
  • Slough Creek Campground
    Located at the end of a 2-mile dirt road, Slough Creek is located near some of the best wildlife viewing opportunities in the park. There are only 16 sites at this quaint campground so it’s imperative that you book early if this is where you want to stay. 
Cooke City, Montana: Photo Credit
  • Cooke City
    Cooke City, Montana is located just outside the north east side of the park. It’s only a few minutes from the Northeast entrance station and offers a few different accommodations. Soda Butte Campground and Colter Campground are available to anyone looking to overnight with a hard sided camper. Big Moose Resort offers and Antlers Lodge each offer rural lodging with wifi and small-town, home-owned vibes. 

Yellowstone Backcountry Campsites

Reserved for the experienced outdoor enthusiast, Yellowstone is home to 293 maintained backcountry campsites. It’s a sure-fire way to avoid crowds and experience a stay at Yellowstone in its most wild form

Backcountry permits are required all year round. You can reserve a Yellowstone Natioanal Park Backcountry permit at the recreation.gov website.

Yellowstone Accommodation Frequently Asked Questions

Where to Stay at Yellowstone in Winter

There are nine facilities and twelve developed campgrounds in Yellowstone, but only three of them are available for winter adventures.

  • The Old Faithful Snow Lodge & Cabins
  • Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel
  • Mammoth Campground

First Come, First Served Yellowstone Campgrounds

As of 2022, all camping in Yellowstone National Park is reservable. It is possible to snag a last minute site if you arrive early and are lucky enough to snag a site that someone didn’t show up for and/or checked out early from. 

Where Did President Theodore Roosevelt Stay in Yellowstone?

On Theodore Roosevelt’s first two-week Yellowstone adventure, he began his stay at Yellowstone at Fort Yellowstone. This is present-day Mammoth; you can complete a self-guided walking tour of Fort Yellowstone when you visit. 

The president spent the remained of his time camping and exploring the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Slough Creek regions of the park. President Roosevelt used to frequent a campsite where the Roosevelt Lodge Cabins stand today. 

How Do I Book Yellowstone Accommodations Last Minute?

My best suggestion for any individuals looking for last minute accommodations is to call Xanterra. Call every single day leading up to your trip! 

You have to be willing to camp and be willing to move campgrounds throughout your stay. On our 2021 trip to Yellowstone, we called Xanterra two days before we planned on arriving to the park. With a little help from an Xanterra agent, we had 5 nights in Yellowstone booked in less than 15 minutes! 

Don’t be afraid to stay in the surrounding National Forest campground the night before you enter Yellowstone!

Where are there Laundry Facilities in Yellowstone?

Laundry facilities are located at Lake Lodge,Old Faithful Snow Lodge, and in the camper services buildings at Grant and Canyon campgrounds and Fishing Bridge RV Park. Laundry facilities can be utilized by both camping and lodging guests at any location.

Which Yellowstone Campgrounds are Open?

In the summer months, nearly all of Yellowstone’s Campgrounds are open. Specific opening dates and/or long-term closures depends on the campground. Here are the 2022 Yellowstone Campground opening dates!

  • Bridge Bay: Open, closes Sept. 5.
  • Canyon: Opens May 27, closes Sept. 18.
  • Fishing Bridge RV Park: Open, closes Oct. 9.
  • Grant Village: Opens June 3, closes Sept. 11.
  • Indian Creek: Opens June 10, closes Sept. 11.
  • Lewis Lake: Opens June 15, closes Oct. 14.
  • Madison: Closes Oct. 16.
  • Mammoth: Open year round.
  • Norris: Closed all 2022
  • Pebble Creek: Opens June 15, closes Sept. 25.
  • Slough Creek: Opens June 15, closes Oct. 12.
  • Tower Fall: Opening TBA.
A Bison rests among the tall grasses in Yellowstone National Park

Where to Stay at Yellowstone for…

Animal Viewing: 

Slough Creek Campground

A Central Location in the park: 

Canyon Village

A Last Minute Campsite: 

Lewis Lake Campground 

Historic Architecture: 

Old Faithful Inn

Horseback Riding: 

Roosevelt Lodge

Boating and Paddling: 

Bridge Bay Campground

Sunset Views of Lewis Lake Yellowstone

Stay at Yellowstone and Avoid the Crowds

Yellowstone is one of the USA’s most popular National Parks. This means the park is crowded throughout the busy summer season. Here are three ways you can avoid Yellowstone’s crowds.

  1. Try to visit during the winter or shoulder season. Mid-September through Late April is considered Yellowstone’s Off Season
  2. Make it a habit to get an early start! It’s easy to avoid the crowds if you wake up long before the majority of the park’s guests.
  3. Snag an inside-the-park accommodation! This puts you up close and personal with everything Yellowstone has to offer and cuts travel time

Check out our full list of 10 Easy Ways to Avoid Yellowstone’s Crowds if you’re visiting the park in the near future!

We truly suggest that you stay inside the world’s first National Park if you have the opportunity to. You won’t be disappointed by the quick access it provides to so many of the park’s beautiful sights. Most park lodging is closed by early October, so book as soon as possible for your upcoming Yellowstone Trip.

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