21 Must-Have Items For an All-Inclusive Resort – An Amazing Trip Awaits

All-inclusive vacations are ideal for rest and relaxation. During an all-inclusive resort vacation, you don’t have to worry about cooking or planning your meals. You can choose to lay in a lounge chair or partake in any of the daily activities; you wake up and choose how to spend your trip every morning!

People looking to make their trip really special might even look at the cost to charter a private jet, so they are relaxing from the moment they hop on that plane! Airports and flying can be stressful for some, so flying via private jet really completes their trip. It’s a wonderful opportunity to do less thinking and more relaxing, especially if you pack these 21 must-have items for an all-inclusive resort.

A tropical beach sunset
All-Inclusive Views

All-Inclusive Resort Packing List

Many people, like myself, are staying at affordable all-inclusive resorts. A little rest and relaxation goes a long way and these 21 helpful items make a world of difference.

Insulated Tumbler

Hydroflask Insulated Tumbler

Hands down, THE most important thing you could possibly bring with you is an insulated tumbler. Not only will this help your drink to stay cold and free of bugs & sand while you bask in the sun, but it’s also a really sustainable thing to do as well! Create less waste by using and reusing your insulated tumbler on your next All-Inclusive Vacation.

Beach Bag

Make it your personal item on the plane! This is a great way to get double use out of an item that you absolutely need during your stay. Pack it up with sunblock, books, a deck of cards, sunglasses, a hat, snacks, and a camera for the pool, beach, or an excursion.

Playing Cards

Pick up a Travel Deck before your next trip!

A deck of playing cards can make rainy days fly by at the bar and can even earn you a couple of new friends! Whether you’re trying to pass the time, drink with an added purpose, or add a little pizzazz to your pool relaxation, a deck of cards can do the trick. We suggest purchasing a waterproof deck to ensure they hold up throughout your trip.

A Good Book

Book Cover of Ranger Confidential on a sandy beach chair
Ranger Confidential

Relax your way through a good book -or two- on your next all-inclusive resort vacation. Don’t forget that you can bring a Kindle or your iPad and have a plethora of books to read through on your next vacation for the space of one.

Phone/Camera and Tripod

Four Girls facing the sunset on a rocky shoreline of an all inclusive resort
Couldn’t make this happen without the Tripod!

Almost every All-Inclusive Resort offers photographer sessions. I’ve done them and have really loved the way the photos of me and my family turned out.

If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks OR you’re traveling solo and just need a few shots, bring a tripod along. I bought an awesome, inexpensive tripod from Amazon to bring on my trip this year so I could get the shots I needed for the blog without bugging my friends to take them for me. As it turns out, we love all of the photos we took with it.


Snag a pair of Goodr Sunglasses for fashionable, comfortable, AND affordable tropical optical!

Protect your eyes from the bright sun and don’t forget your sunglasses! I suggest bringing two pairs just in case you lose a pair along the way (I may or may not have done that on day one of our girls’ trip in Punta Cana). 

I highly recommend Goodr sunglasses! They won’t slide around on your head, are great quality, and are affordable enough that if you lost a pair you wouldn’t be devastated.


Wear sunscreen with an extra shimmer or make it look like you’re not wearing any at all with Hawaiian Tropic

The sun is stronger near the equator, and in my experience, most of the All-Inclusives I’ve stayed at are pretty dang close to the equator.

Most resorts will have a shop on-site where you can purchase sunscreen but it is often astronomically more expensive than buying it at home and bringing it along.

Try bringing reef safe sunscreen which contains no oxybenzone or Octinoxate to help protect our delicate coral reef. Blue Lizard is one of my favorite mineral sunscreen brands.


The only thing worse than your back and shoulders being sunburnt is your lips. Be sure to include chapstick with SPF in your packing plans to keep those lips silky smooth and full of moisture.

If you really want your lips to feel and look good, try a tinted chapstick with SPF. 15 SPF with a peachy, berry, or cherry tint should get the job done!

Bug Spray

I’m generally not a bug spray girl, but when I can’t stand it anymore I use Ben’s!

Plain and simple, don’t let bugs ruin your stay. I’ve found myself lucky enough to stay at resorts right on the water, so the breeze tends to act as a bug repellent but I’ve experienced a few nights of intense mosquitos that have caused me to pack bug spray or bug wipes for every vacation.


1st Aid Kit

Build your own or purchase a premade First Aid Kit!

A mini First Aid Kit including Tums, Asprin, bandaids, nail clippers, and alcohol wipes could save your day. Hopefully, you won’t need to use any of the items inside, but just in case you do – you’re prepared!

I put my supplies in a plastic baggie at the top of my bag. All-inclusive resorts always have a nurse on hand, and generally an infirmary, but if all you need is a bandaid or indigestion control, it’s certainly easier to help yourself.

Portable Charger

Goal Zero charging blocks come on every vacation I take!

Can’t go wrong with the portable charger! Keep your devices charged throughout the day whether you’re using them to read, play music, or take photos.

My specific charger is from the company GoalZero and I love it for a mid-day charge while I’m traveling, hiking, or simply on the go!

Grab a FREE All Inclusive Packing List and Never Stress About Packing Again!


    Waterproof Pouch

    A Waterproof pouch is the perfect splash protection!

    A wet bag or waterproof pouch is a helpful tool to keep your valuables dry in the event of a splash or downpour.

    It’s also a helpful tool to have in your back pocket if you plan on heading out on any excursions such as a catamaran ride or a waterfall trek during your stay. Nothing would be worse than losing all of your trip photos and memories due to one slippery incident.

    Mini Speaker

    A mini, waterproof speaker is perfect when you’re at the beach or sitting poolside and can’t stand the looping music that has been playing for 3 days straight.

    As long as you don’t play your music too loudly, no one at the all-inclusive resort is going to mind or bother you about it. It also serves as a great tool for getting ready in the evenings for your night out!

    Inner Tube

    Nothing quite like a float with family!

    Pack a cheap, inflatable inner tube to really improve your pool relaxation. Some resorts have pool floats available to guests on a first come first serve basis, but you could have a float at any time if you pack your own!

    Other packed floatie bonuses… they make GREAT seats. Whether you’re stuck in the airport or hanging out at the beach – your inner tube can really provide a variety of comforts throughout your trip. 

    Reusable Food Baggies

    Love a baggie with a wide base! easier to clean.

    Fill ‘em up at home for your flight to save money at the airport and then use them at the resort. Throw some fresh fruit, cereal, or crackers in these reusable bags at breakfast to help hold you (or your little ones) over as you get to lunch.

    Also, think about your late-night cravings! Although most all-inclusive resorts do account for this with some form of a snack bar, you can have all the treats you need if you remember the proper receptacle. These also work great for bringing snacks on excursions and to the beach!

    Pool Shoes

    Bring shoes you intend on wearing ONLY to the pool and beach. They’ll be wet and sandy by the end of each day and it won’t matter because you’ll have different sandals ready for your evening wear.

    Personally, I pack an array of CROC sandals for my All-Inclusive resort Vacations; they’re easy to dry off and clean and they’re just so incredibly comfortable. Birkenstocks not makes a water-friendly slide as well!

    Cover Up

    An easy, slip-on/slip-over that will allow you access to midday restaurants and help you feel comfortable if you do choose to get up from your beach chair and take a stroll around the resort. I honestly, packed three for my 6-day trip so I can mix it up. In living your day-to-day all-inclusive resort life, you’ll find that cover-ups are the go-to daytime wear.

    Cross-Body Bag

    Simplicity is best!

    You don’t need much when you head out for the night at an All-Inclusive Resort, however, having a small crossbody bag is nice. Pack your minimalist wallet, lip gloss, and phone in your bag for your evenings out on the resort (or town!). That deck of cards is an added late-night drinking bonus as well.


    Minimalist Wallet

    Don’t pack whatever you normally carry your day-to-day in. Narrow it down to a card you might need in the airport, your health insurance card, cash for tipping and any on-resort purchases, and your identification. A very thin wallet might even fit in your pocket, removing the need for a cross-body bag entirely if you’re just that minimal. Limit the number of things you could lose/misplace with this simple strategy since you likely won’t need them when staying at an all-inclusive resort.

    Light Jacket

    These island locations are hot but they can be breezy in the evenings and chilly in the all-inclusive resort air conditioning. Bring a light jacket to keep you comfortable in the evening; denim jackets tend to match with everything and be a perfect weight.

    Copy of Travel Documents

    I like to e-mail myself a copy of the travel documents and passport. You never know what can happen so having these at your fingertips to use and reprint can be clutch. 


    Remember these 21 must-have items for your next all-inclusive vacation. The best way to transport your belongings is with the Standard Luggage Carry-On Backpack.

    I always try to only bring carry-on luggage; I always have possession of my belongings and never have to worry about the cost or time associated with checking a bag.

    I hope you take these suggestions along for your next All-Inclusive Vacation and have a remarkable time!

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