5 Best Lake Placid Restaurants

When you’re traveling, one of the main things you look forward to is what you’re going to be eating. Exploring new restaurants is one of my absolute favorite aspects of traveling somewhere new. All too often, you don’t have enough time to try all the great places you see. Unfortunately, that’s the case in Lake Placid as well. If you’re looking for a delicious dinner in Lake Placid, you have so many options. I couldn’t possibly pick just one great Lake Placid Restaurant, but I could definitely create a top 5 list!

There are so many amazing restaurants in Lake Placid and each of them has their own unique reason for stopping in. In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 of my favorite restaurants and exactly what they bring to the table. Choose your restaurant based off of exactly what you’re looking for… outdoor seating? we have it! finger lickin’ BBQ? you betcha. best beer list? coming right up folks. Stay tuned for 5 amazing Lake Placid restaurants and why you’ll want to experience their menus.

If you’re looking for…

1. Laidback, Pet-Friendly Outdoor Seating

Menu to Tail O' The Pup

Tail O’ The Pup

(518) 891-0777

Not quite IN Lake Placid, but just a short drive (less than 10 minutes) towards Saranac Lake; Tail O’ the Pup is by far one of the best smokehouse BBQ’s I’ve had and just an all-around cool atmosphere. Smokehouse meats, lobster & clam bakes, local beers on tap, and daily live music make this red striped tent stop necessary. Outdoor seating under the tent is perfect for families and individuals alike while live music plays in the background. A playground is available on the grounds as well to keep those little ones occupied while you enjoy your adult time. 

After a long hike with our friends and their pup, we stopped in and ordered beers, brisket nachos, and fried cheese curds to start. I could have eaten the entire basket of cheese curds if I thought I had enough room for them and my pork shoulder. Everything was smoked to perfection and the staff was really nice and helpful. I look forward to coming back and trying more menu items! Tail O’ the Pup is doggo friendly as well which easily makes this one of the best dinners in town in my book.

2. Farm to Table Selections

A Flight at Big Slide Brewery
Best Lake Placid Beers

Big Slide Brewery

(518) 523-7844

Always my go-to dinner spot when I’m visiting Lake Placid and for good reason! As if farm to table food, locally sourced wasn’t reason enough to deem this the best dinner in Lake Placid, Big Slide also features 10 house beers on tap! These beers come from the brewhouse barrels visible from the hostess stand and parts of the dining area. The open concept allows a peek into the kitchen as well which makes this a pretty neat spot all around!

We always start our meal off with a beer, or a flight if we’re not sure what’s tickling our fancy this time around. The aged Ubu Ale is my all-time favorite! An eclectic pizza order is always next; the way Executive Chef Greg Sherman combines food items is truly an art.  Whether you’re looking simply for a dinner plate, sharing a bunch of apps, or grabbing a sandwich you will not be disappointed. In my most recent dining escapade at Big Slide, I enjoyed the Chicken Fried Chicken so much that I physically scraped the plate clean and almost asked for another order.  

Despite always being full, sometimes special occasions call for ordering dessert, in which case – eat it all! Big Slide also has a Sunday brunch menu and hosts a number of special events. The menu does a really awesome job of showing what is gluten-free and vegan-friendly as well. Be sure to appreciate the names and description of the food items on the menu as you peruse, they’re pretty clever.  

3. Popular Beer Selections

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery 

(518) 523-3813

Lake Placid Pub and Brewery is right off the main hustle and bustle of Main Street, but always equally as busy and for good reason! Three stories, each with their own bar and particular vibe provide craft beers for all. Known for their award-winning ales and lagers for over 20 years now, Lake Placid Pub and Brewery has earned a real name for themselves. 

The beers aren’t the only thing that keep people coming back to Lake Placid Pub and Brewery. The large variety of food options provided by their menu keeps guests of all ages well-fed. Pub fare style food supplies options such as fried pickles and salads, to pizzas, burgers, and sandwiches. You can not go wrong with the Salmon BLT and the Northville-Placid Trail IPA. These along with nachos are my go-to each and every time I visit.

A flight and some vino on the deck of Lake Placid Pub

4. Large, Delicious Portions

Photo Credit: LakePlacid.com

Delta Blue


(518) 302-5810

Known as your northern home for southern food, Delta Blue’s menu has all of your favorites with a bit of a Louisiana twang. Good food, craft beers on tap, weather permitting indoor/outdoor seating, and live music right on Main Street in Lake Placid, makes this a great stop for a full meal or appetizers. The serving sizes are quite large here which makes this a contender for the best dinner in this Adirondack town.

Start your meal off with the Nacho bucket. Large enough to appease a group of 3-4 hungry hikers before dinner and with the opportunity to add guac, meat, and more to your bucket, you can really make it your own. Fried Pickles, Gumbo Poutine, and Frog Legs appetizers will have you feeling like you’ve lost the northern Adirondacks and found yourself in the deep south! The Tolo Salad, which consisted of pistachio-crusted goat cheese, mixed greens, craisins, and balsamic vinaigrette -PLUS chicken- really hit the spot after a couple of days on the trail. The perfect combination of tangy and sweet while also eating produce had me wishing I had more!

Leafy Green Tolo Salad

5. Best BBQ in Lake Placid

“Oh that’s delicious” Speaking of the Peach Moonshine Marg
Smoke Signals. 

2489 MAIN ST.
(518) 523-2271

Easily the best BBQ in Lake Placid, but also some of the coolest seating! Go early or expect to wait… but Smoke Signals is worth every minute! This brick-lined, industrial style decored restaurant boasts amazing lake views with indoor and outdoor seating. Not only are their views some of the best in Lake Placid, but their BBQ food is the best hands down. The dinner menu combines classic BBQ staples with innovative creations through the uses of smoke. Everything at Smoke Signals is made from scratch, and all meats are smoked in house. The dry rub wings were to die for and the local beer and whiskey flight is perfect for wetting your whistle. I must add that the blackberry moonshine margarita was delicious as well!

My birthday dinner choice this past year was Smoke Signals. I felt like I was cheating on Big Slide Brewery, but it was worth all the guilt! Delicious beverages, a finger lickin’ good meal, and awesome service made my birthday quite the memorable night. We waited over an hour for our table and it truly was worth it. Luckily, Lake Placid is a beautiful town with a ton of amazing shops to pop in an out of while you dream about your next meal!

Enjoying a drink at Smoke Signals
Enjoying Our Smoke Signals Beverages, one of THE BEST Lake Placid Restaurants

There are SO many great Lake Placid Restaurants, each with their unique reasons why people love them! Some other fan favorites are Black Bear Restaurant, Liquids and Solids, Cafe Rustica, and Wyatt’s. There’s just so much to do in the area but if you like to hike, work up an appetite by hiking a Lake Placid 9er before dinner! Nine local mountains of varying difficulty mean there’s a hike on this list for everyone – if you hike them all, you’ll earn a patch!

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