Cedar Point Tips and Tricks

Make the most of your time at Cedar Point and have a thrilling day at the rollercoaster capital of the world! With these 6 Cedar Point Tips and Tricks, your day will be a breeze.

Cedar Point Park Sign Lit Up at Night with American Flag in background

1. Download the Park App.

The app can tell you about rides that are down for maintenance, wait times for your favorite attractions lines’, and provide deals on snacks and meals. It provides a map of the park as well as the times that certain attractions run and when eateries open and close. I know I ate two funnel cakes for the prices of one because I found the deal on this app! Connect to the park wifi and turn your phone on airplane mode to save battery at the park.

2. funpix Photo Pass.

If you like photo memories of your adventures I suggest investing in a photo pass. For $29.99 you have access to unlimited digital downloads. We had an awesome time reliving our day by looking back at our photos. Terrifying expressions, smiles, and straight giddy glee stared back at us when we went through the day’s photos. It allows us to recall one of the best days of our summer over and over again!  

3. Fast Lane Passes.

Fast Lane Passes are a MUST for thrill rides on a busy day. In the time it took a group to ride Steel Vengeance once (3 hours in line for the front row!), I had ridden it three times. Once in the front row, once in the second row and once in the very back of the last train. We were able to ride Maverick 4 times in a half hour with our fast lane passes. It really allowed us to make the most of our time there and ride ALL the coasters multiple times. Be sure to select the Fast Lane Plus if you’re looking to ride the parks top thrill rides (Steel Vengeance, Valravn, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster, and Gatekeeper!)


4. beat the heat.

Is it sweltering outside? Are you really hot? Check out the Garter Saloon for air conditioning, cold drinks, and generally, good country music! Seriously, this is a lifesaver of a spot to cool off on a hot summer day. Hopping on the Shoot the Rapids, Thunder Canyon, or Snake River Falls might cool you off for a minute or two and leave your clothes wet enough to help drop your body temperature over time. A lot of the restaurants have air conditioning as well, so cool off during meal time!

5. Secure your belongings.

There are lockers throughout the park, but to keep your most important belongings on you I suggest investing in a running waist pack with a zipper compartment. I’m able to store my ID’s, money, car key, and phone flush to my body AND SECURE all day long. Please do NOT try and keep your phone in your hand or pockets on a ride. We were actually held up on a train, waiting to enter the station, because someone had their phone in their hand and it flew back and knocked out a rider behind them. It gashed the side of their face open and EMS had to come and not only perform first aid on the rider (who then needed to continue on to the hospital) but also clean the car of their blood before we could continue.

6. Night riding.

I suggest riding all the coasters at night as well! It’s fun to see the park lit up and if you’re lucky enough to travel here on July 4th you will have two extra hours in the park AND awesome fireworks. If you do ride at night, don’t waste your time waiting for the front seat; the bugs are AWFUL and they’ll just end up splattered all over your face. Although, it is funny to get off the ride and find one in your companion’s teeth…  

girl turning and smiling with wooden roller coaster beams in the background

Thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies need to visit the roller coaster capital of the world. Use these Cedar Point Tips and Tricks to make the most of your adventure!

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