Cedar Point Travel Guide: Plan the Best Amusement Park Getaway

Cedar Point Amusement Park is known as the Rollercoaster Capital of the World. It’s a popular family destination and isn’t an inexpensive vacation. In this post we share everything you need to know to plan the best Cedar Point getaway; save money, make the most of your time, and have a stress-free vacation with our Travel Guide.

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Admission to Cedar Point

What does it Cost to Get into Cedar Point?

Known to many as the Roller Coaster Capital of the world, Cedar Point is a hot spot for thrill-seekers. This means it can also drain your wallet! With some of these tips, you can keep more money in your wallet while still sharing smiles with your family.

Buy Your Cedar Point Tickets Online

Our Cedar Point Travel Guide suggests online ticket purchasing. You can really score a great discount by buying online. They offer everything from Rock and Ride packages -Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Cedar Point package deal- to Fun Day packages which include admission, a meal, and parking for one low price.

Be sure to check the website, the deals are constantly changing. For example, as I’m writing this the current promotion includes a pre-season single day ticket for $39.99.

No matter what you choose, ordering online allows you to include all of your favorite add-ons in one swift click while also receiving the best deals. Be sure to check out which deal will suit your family best before you purchase and use Easy Pay to help make your trip more affordable!

Buying Season Passes

A platinum pass includes Unlimited Visits to Cedar Point Amusement Park and Cedar Point Shores Waterpark every public operating day in 2021. With that, you will receive free parking, special discounts, early ride times, exclusive ride nights, and more for $202. You can snag this pass for 4 easy payments of $39 after the initial $46 due.

A Cedar Point Gold Pass, for $129, is another great multi-day option.  It includes all of the same perks as the Platinum pass except for the 1 hour early access and the fast lane plus upgrade. Either version of the season pass includes awesome opportunities like bring-a-friend discounts, 10% off most in-park food, discounts on Midway Games, and many other deals.  

For a  limited time at the very beginning of the season, a free Pre-K pass is available for children between the ages of 3 and 5.

Cedar Point Rollercoasters from the Sky Ride

Where Can I Stay Near Cedar Point?

If you’re looking for accommodation, our Cedar Point Travel Guide suggests staying on-premise. If you stay at a Cedar Point property, you’re granted a few extra benefits that really go a long way!

Check out the different vacation packages Cedar Point offers to find the one that works best for you.

Current Cedar Point resort perks include (updated 2020):
  • Resort guests receive complimentary parking for the length of their stay.
  • Resort guests can buy discounted Cedar Point tickets online or when they check into their hotel. Online prices are currently $44.30 for a one-day ticket and $70.30 for a two-day ticket, without tax.
  • Receive early access to the park to hop on the newest coasters an hour early before the lines quadruple in length.
  • Resort guests staying between May 11, 2019, and May 25, 2019, receive free soda in the parks. When you buy discounted park tickets, your tickets automatically upgrade to Ride and Refresh tickets.
  • If you reserve an overnight ticket package for stays between 05/25/201 and 09/02/2019, you receive FREE admission to Cedar Point Shores Water Park!
  • Resort guests can enter Cedar Point Shores 30 minutes prior to other guests, providing the perfect opportunity to snatch up a good poolside spot for the day!
  • Guests will receive a free Friday night ticket during the fall season if they book a Halloweekend Package.
  • Resort guests can buy a Fast Lane Plus Bundle for $158.57 for a one-day ticket. This is similar to the All-Inclusive Ticket, which starts at $176. In reality, the All-Inclusive Ticket usually costs $190. However, the Fast Lane Plus Bundle is NOT a good deal, since you can only buy this bundle with admission tickets. That means you’re actually paying approximately $200 to get the same benefits of the All-Inclusive Ticket, minus the souvenir water bottle, but plus admission to Dinosaurs Alive. You’re better off just booking the resort on its own and then buying an All-Inclusive Ticket when you check into your hotel.

Hotel Accommodations Near Cedar Point.

Hotel Breakers is a newly renovated, full-service hotel featuring a beautiful beachfront including two outdoor pools,  an outdoor water playground and an indoor pool providing water fun for everyone. Anybody can enjoy the outdoor fire pits, beach games, and activities Hotel Breakers has to offer. The hotel features a TGI Friday’s, Perkins (yesssss pancakes!), TOMO Hibachi grill as well as the Surf Lounge, and Starbucks.

Camping and RV Hookups near Cedar Point

Lighthouse Point is a relaxing space featuring full hook-up luxury RV sites plus 25 all-new ultimate patio sites along with waterfront cottages, inland cabins and ten-person deluxe cabins. Each tiny home features upgraded bedding, televisions, full linen services, a mini-fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and private bathrooms.

All accommodations include outdoor seating and a charcoal grill. I remember staying here with my family as a kid and having the absolute time of my life! You’re close to the parks, the beach, the pool, and you’re still able to enjoy your own rustic space. Great for big groups is you can secure cabins near one another!

Other Cedar Point Amusement Park accommodations include Castaway Bay, The Express Hotel, and the Marina.

Meals and Dining Inside of and Near the Park

Are you someone who likes to sample all of the different dining opportunities at a given place? If your answer is yes, you better invest in an All Day Dining Pass.

Enjoy one entrée and one side at participating restaurants inside the park for only $31.99. Only a 90-minute interval stands between you and enjoying all of the food Cedar Point has to offer!

If it’s only one solid meal you’re looking for, try the Single Meal Deal, which includes an entrée, side and a regular size fountain drink at participating restaurants throughout the park for $14.99.

Similarly, it can get VERY hot in the summer months and you are going to need to stay hydrated. When I went on July Fourth, it was above 95 Degrees all day long. If you purchase a souvenir bottle for $12.99, each Coca Cola Product refill will only cost you $1.00 for the remainder of the season. You may opt for a drink wristband in place of a souvenir bottle and receive a disposable cup instead.  

Johnny Rockets Juke Box Set up

If you are a season pass holder, choose to go bottle free with the addition of an all-season drink pass. For 31.99 enjoy unlimited refreshments all season long. Or like us, you could ask for water sporadically throughout the day in a small plastic cup for free.


If you are looking for the accessibility of the park, ride policies and procedures, questions on dietary needs or any other frequently asked questions you can find them here. This Cedar Point Travel Guide provides and in depth look at what you need to access the park: a ticket, a place to stay, and food to fuel your trip.

Downloading the park app and connecting to the Cedar Point Wifi is one of 9 tips I’ve included in my first timer guide! Save money and time on your next trip to Cedar Point.

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