LuLaRoe Jade, a review

lularoe-3Hey Ya’ll! I’m back here with another review for you. I know I’ve been missing in action the last few months and I apologize; teaching and coaching get hectic around the holidays, but I’m back! In these last few months, I have been introduced to and have ultimately fallen in love with a fashion line called LuLaRoe. There are so many amazing reasons to love the company and I definitely dove head first into quite a few of their many, many styles. If you are new to LuLaRoe, please stick around and hear a quick backstory. If you’re a seasoned veteran looking to hear what’s up with this amazing style (Jade!), you can skip the next paragraph!

LuLaRoe was created by DeAnne Stidham when she found herself raising 7 children on her own and desperately wanting to spend more time at home while still providing for her family. After meeting a pair of dress wholesalers, DeAnne felt inspired and started liquidating end of season dresses to her friends and family. With time and experience, she launched her own clothing line; as it grew and grew DeAnne realized she could not do it all herself, turning to talented individuals to help her company grow. These individuals are the consultants who provide us with the very best styles and work tirelessly to provide the very best customer service. Consultants often look for lovely ladies to host in-home pop-ups, where they bring their inventory to the hostesses home for all her friends to shop and enjoy. They also do online parties through ShopThe Roe and sell inventory through their VIP Facebook pages. LuLaRoe carries fashionable clothing in fun patterns and colors for women sizes XXS – 3XL, men, and children. Although best known for their buttery soft leggings, LuLa also carries a number of tops, dresses, and skirts.

fullsizerenderBilli Sobel is one of my local consultants here in the greater Utica area of Central New York. She is absolutely amazing and has asked me to review a great style for you all! LuLaRoe Jade’s are a Capri style athletic legging that lets you get your sweat on comfortably and in style. They are created with a moisture-wicking fabric that draws sweat away from the skin and to the exterior of the fabric.


Seeing as my profession, a Middle School Physical Education Teacher, keeps me active every day and my favorite hobbies involve hiking, running, and working out, Billi thought my active lifestyle would be able to provide everyone with some great feedback. If there are any questions you have about the product that have been left unanswered please leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can with the best answer I have!

I have now worn these leggings on two separate occasions.

First to teach; second to get a great pull workout in.


  • Stretchy and comfortable but stays where you need them to. They were not constantly falling down as many other athletic leggings I’ve tried have. I think you can owe it to the thick, yoga-style waistband; it’s effective and flattering.
  • Bright and fun patterns and colors! This always helps motivate you to start your workout. Look good, feel good, ‘play’ good as I say to my athletes. 
  • I love the material. It’s thick, which helps to hold you in place, well made and perfect for all your athletic endeavors due to their sweat-wicking technology. 
  • There is a hidden waistband pocket for money, keys, ID, etc.
  • I found this item to be true to size: Medium = size 8-10. Although, I wear an 8 and these fit quite perfectly so I’m not sure how they would fit a size 10. 
  • They moved with me! Whether I was dancing, running to ‘capture the flag’ with a student, doing plyometrics or stretching they never limited my movement or became uncomfortable. 
  • These are definitely compression leggings/tights. They’re thick, solid and not see through. They do not restrict movement but they are not a super light and airy material which I prefer! If you’re looking for that flimsy material these are not the leggings for you.


  • Upon first putting the leggings on I found them to be tighter in the thigh area than the waist. However, they did stretch out comfortably throughout the day. After washing and air drying, I did not have this issue a second time. 
  • The leggings do need infrequent adjusting after getting up from the seated position, a lot of jumping repetitions etc.
  • The patterned portion of the leg is not a very flattering cut (in my opinion of course). It makes the leg look wide. As much as I love the pattern and love how much of it is visible, I think a smaller ‘side stripe’ or a side stripe that stayed the same width all the way through would be a more flattering look. I have been informed, however, that they make them in full pattern as well which would certainly eliminate this problem altogether. 


Overall, I would give the lularoe Jade’s 4 out of 5 stars.

They perform really well, but I don’t love the cut with my large, muscular legs!

I will still be wearing them and who knows, possibly purchasing more…



If you are interested in these leggings please fill out the contact form below! The availability of these leggings will be based solely off their popularity amongst goup members. Don’t forget to join Billi’s group for amazing LuLaRoe styles and giveaways!




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