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A few months ago my cousin and I decided we were going to take on Canada this summer. We came to this decision after our parents felt uneasy about our plans to travel Europe due to the few recent acts of terrorism. After reading many blogs, staring at countless Instagram accounts and reading a few guidebooks we decided to explore the westernmost provinces Canada has to offer.


In our prime, circa 2011

There are so many places we wanted to see but we had to narrow it down to a few ‘must-sees’ to afford our time and budget. We settled on Vancouver, Whistler and most importantly Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper. A few blogs I had read through spoke of the moose bus so I went ahead and looked it up. After reading many reviews and too many calculations we chose the Tomahawk tour. Generally, I’m not much of a tour lover. I enjoyed our bike tour through Prague and the zip lining tour my family took in Kauai, but other than that I don’t normally like to be on any schedule other than my own. Due to the many amazing reviews, benefits, and nature of this tour, we decided to give it a try. If it isn’t amazing, as least it winds up being relatively cheap travel from one place to another while always having a bed reserved for us in each location and meeting some cool people.


We depart on July 18th, my 24th birthday, for Vancouver, where we will have an extra half day to explore before embarking on this journey with our tour-mates. The tour will end in Banff; we have already planned two extra days there because we just know we’ll want to see more. I’m excited about this experience, especially to be traveling alongside my little cousin sister, for 10 days, in a foreign country, to celebrate turning twenty-four.

I will be updating my twitter @expeditionedu on the road.

I will NOT be bringing my laptop along since it’s only 10 days. You’ll have to wait for blog updates, but please check out my twitter to see just what I’m doing on this adventure.

It’s gonna be a great trip, eh.

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