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Hello all! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award twice now by both Kati from Ms. B Travels and Eli from Nomadic Newsboy. Twice simply because a teachers schedule is hectic and there’s no telling when you’ll have time to write – until summer vacation. You should definitely check out both of their blogs as well as their Twitter accounts: Ms. B Travels and NomadicNewsboy. They have both been to some amazing places and really know how to highlight each destination’s best attributes. Thank you, both for this amazing nomination!


The Liebster Award is a recognition award for relatively new travel bloggers that helps their viewers to get to know them better and allows them to get their name out there a bit more. Ultimately, you nominate a few travel blogs who you feel should receive more recognition and a larger following. I think this is a pretty neat award because it’s from one travel blogger to another; I can’t wait to share more about me and get to know more about you!


How the Liebster Award Works:

– You should answer the 11 questions you have been given in your nomination.

– Nominate and write about another 5 to 11 blogs you enjoy.

– Pick 11 new questions for your nominees.


So since I can never be kosher, I’ll be answering two sets of questions: first for Ms. B and second for Nomadic Newsboy. Please don’t feel obligated to read them both! ROUND 1:

  1. Would you rather sail or fly around the world and why? I think sailing is partial to better views, but flying is faster; Also, I know I don’t get sick on planes, and quite honestly I love airports. 
  2. What location have you been to that actually disappointed you? Shenandoah National Park, but not for the reasons you might be thinking. It is absolutely beautiful and I loved every minute of my mini-vacation there, however, I was expecting the hikes to be more strenuous and for the summits to be a little higher! So in all actuality, I was not disappointed by the destination just surprised by the hiking in comparison to where I hike in NY.  
  3. What location has surprised you the most? Let’s see… Prague surprised me because I didn’t expect a lot of things. For example, I didn’t expect EVERYONE to speak English so well and be so friendly. I didn’t expect every street to be cobblestones and for every building, besides the dancing one, to be so old. And I didn’t expect to fall so in love with a CITY because I’m more of a nature person. I was also surprised by Beaches Turks and Caicos because of its size! It is such a huge resort – honestly like a small town. 
  4. What country that you’ve visited is your absolute favorite? This is a really tough one. I think one of my favorite countries is honestly Jamaica. As impoverished as much of it is, many of the people are so happy, genuine and carefree. Not only is the island itself beautiful, but so are its inhabitants. 
  5. Why do you love to travel? I love to travel because I LOVE experiencing new places, especially their food and their culture. I also love that you can travel three hours away and experience something entirely new to you OR travel three continents away and submerge yourself in an entirely different world. 
  6. What are you giving up to travel? Wow, a really good, thought evoking, question. I’m giving up a savings account for sure because I do not make enough money to save and travel, but I like to say – you can’t take it with you when you go & travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer – so what’s better to spend your money on?
  7. What is your favorite travel tip? My personal, favorite travel tip is to just go with the flow. I am a planner; an organizer by nature. I’ve learned to organize and plan the REALLY important things like first and last night stays, shuttles back to the airport for departure, and you know… flights, but to leave a lot of other things for just going with the flow. There is no worse feeling than wanting to do something but not being able to because you already planned something in its place. 
  8. If you could take one famous person on your travels with you, who would you choose? Ellen DeGeneres, because I feel like she would always keep the mood light, have a positive outlook, and be down for anything. But I could be wrong! 
  9.  Do you prefer to travel alone, in a group, or in pairs?I have never traveled alone entirely so I can’t really say. I like traveling with my family, a large group, because of the memories we make but a smaller group of 2 or 3  seems ideal for spontaneous adventures! 
  10. What is the #1 biggest lesson you have learned while traveling abroad? Make sure your credit card company knows where you are – call them two, three times if you have to! Being overseas and not being able to withdraw any money is a pain in the booty. Thankfully, I was with my mom who saved my butt even though we shared a bank, and told them we’d both be there her card continued to work and mine stopped. 
  11. Where will you be heading to next (you forgot this one Ms. B! so I improvised)?  Vancouver, BC → BANFF, AB! July 18th – 28th. 

ROUND 2, Thank you Nomadic Newsboy:

  1. How did you decide on the name for your blog? I am a teacher and I LOVE to learn. I believe that each expedition is a learning experience and with each trip, I am further educating myself, hence expedition education.
  2. What is the most unique thing you have eaten while traveling? I would have to say oxtail, and it was phenomenal. 
  3. What’s the best souvenir you have brought home from a trip? Flyer Miles for my next trip! Haha but seriously, I enjoy bringing home cultural trinkets to place around my living space to remind me of past experiences and to get my butt moving on the next one. I also like to purchase some form of clothing that is specific to that region or culture in some way.
  4. Choose one: Hotel, B&B or Hostel? My only experiences thus far are in hotels or the woods but I have a feeling I am going to enjoy the Hostel life as I travel through Canada because I’m very social and I’m not the least bit shy. I imagine its similar to your freshman year dorm where you just want to be friends with everyone but hate sharing a bathroom with them… 
  5. When traveling, are you an early bird, a night owl, or both? Depends on what I’m doing and/or have to do. Generally, I’m an early bird but I can stay up if I’m really interested in or excited for something. 
  6. What is one language you wish you knew, and why? German. Although it’s probably not as useful as a language like Spanish might be I think it sounds wicked cool. 
  7. If you could travel with one movie/television star, who would it be? I answered this above and I have to say, I’ll keep my answer the same: Ellen DeGeneres. 
  8. You just won a free plane ticket to anywhere! Where do you go and why? I’m flying to New Zealand. “Adventure Capital of the World” good enough? 
  9. What are the first three songs on your road trip playlist? For my last road trip, in 2013 with my best gal pal: Wagon Wheel (Darius Rucker’s version) on repeat. Nowadays I’d have to say a combination of artists like The Lumineers and Dallas Green mixed with Skrillex, GRiZ and the Floozies. I clearly like all genres, hah!
  10. What is the best memory you have while traveling? Just enjoying new experiences with family. From Hawaiian islands and all-inclusive resorts to Las Vegas nightlife to the lake houses of the Northeast… nothing beats quality family time like being stuck on vacation together. 
  11. Where are you going next? Flying from JFK to Vancouver. Then making my way from Vancouver, BC → Banff, AB. STOKED is an understatement. 


Luca Travels Around –

Luca’s blog is really cool because he’s all about the experience and doesn’t necessarily care how it happens or who he’s with… he’s down for anything! He’s been to quite a few places and writes openly about his experiences; you have to check him out!

Twitter: @travelingluca


Hi, I am traveling  –

Florian is originally from France but is currently testing out Prague’s best burgers. He takes amazing photos and shares a lot of really great information regarding the places he’s been to. I’m trying to convince him to explore the USA when his expat days in Prague are over. If you have a cool US city or place for him to visit, let him know!

Twitter: @hiiamtraveling


Travel Happy 101 –

I’m hooking you up with this chicks Instagram ↑ because you will not want to miss a single photo. Talk about amazing adventure photos. Based out of Denver, CO and definitely not missing out on a single adventure!

Twitter: @TravelHappy101


Globe Trotter Joe –

Joe is a Jack – or Joe if you will – of all trades. He runs triathlons, loves spicy foods, plays the piano and oh, by the way, does a ton of humanitarian/volunteer work. He is currently sharing his most recent volunteer endeavor of building a library in Tanzania, along with all his other travels on his blog and you must check it out!

Twitter: @gtjoe83


Obsessive Adventurer –

Chelsea reminds me a lot of myself, however, I am jealous that she was able to convince her non-vacation seeking other half to travel with her! Chelsea, and Adam, both work in a school and use their thirteen weeks of vacation to explore the world! There seems to be no limit to where there travels can take them.

Twitter: @Obsessed_travel


Maria Krgi –

I have a feeling Maria is going to one day be a great travel blogger, but for now I’ve only been privy to her instagram and twitter accounts. A hater of routine is a winner in my book and makes for a phenomenal traveler. Look out for this girl in the future!

Twitter: @maria_krgi




Now, my fellow travelers, here are my 11 questions for you:

  1. What inspires you to travel?
  2. What destination is definitely not on your list and why?
  3. Why are you writing a blog? What are your long -term goals?
  4. What do you think are the benefits of technology, especially social media, while traveling? The negatives?
  5. What is one thing you learned in grade school that benefits you abroad?
  6. Favorite person, or people, to travel with and why?
  7. What is your favorite personal travel story?
  8. Any adventure excursion you’re dying to do?
  9. Best travel accommodations and for what reason?
  10. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?
  11. Where to next? Why did you plan this trip?

Excited to see what you’ll share through your Liebster Award post and as always, stoked to experience your future travel through your social media platforms!

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