Forever Young Swimwear, a review

Summer season is filled with sunshine, cold beverages and bikinis… yikes. I enjoy the summer months (although they aren’t my favorite) but DREAD ‘bikini season’. As comfortable as I am with my body and all its fabulous imperfections, I still want to look presentable in what I put on and bathing suits aren’t always the most flattering.


DCIM100GOPROGOPR0125.I’m an active person, so I need a bathing suit that can keep up with my every move; it’s rare to find me sitting still or relaxing. My absolute favorite suits for the season come from Forever Young Swimwear. With similar prices to Victoria’s Secret, and a significantly better fit and great craftsmanship, these suits are the real deal. All three bikinis I own from Forever Young Swimwear have held up great; considering I’m very active in and around the water, this is an amazing feat. They fit amazingly, I never have to worry about more showing than I had planned and I feel incredibly confident running around all day!


Specific things I love about Forever Young Swimwear.

  • A lot of their suits are REVERSIBLE, such as the one I am wearing in the photo above. This makes them even better for adventuring – two for one… two suits for the price of one and the packing space of one. Well technically, four for one – since you can mismatch the top and bottom if you’re into that kind of thing.
  • LOTS of different options. I don’t have the tightest, or nicest of bodies but I still really like to rock cheeky bottoms. If you prefer more or less coverage for your bottom half there are many options for you to choose from! There are many different styles of tops as well – including one piece. Almost every pattern is offered across a wide range of styles for both tops and bottoms so you can really handpick a suit -or three- that works best for your body type and what you plan to do while wearing it!
  • Price range is really great. They have bottoms and tops for as low as $10.00 and there are often different sales or promotions that give you even more bang for your buck. Don’t forget, if you buy reversible you are technically receiving two bathing suits for the price of one which is pretty gnarly.
  • And finally, Forever Young Swimwear is a proud partner of the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. I like knowing that a company I support is passionate enough about a cause to advocate and contribute to its needs!
Wearing Coral Coast Classic Bottom – Reversible – Tropic Splash/Yellow Scrunch Butt in a size Large AND the Coral Coast Classic Wrap Top – Reversible – Tropic Splash/Yellow in a size Medium in all pictures!


I do not earn any commission off sales from this link.

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