A Tribute to my Mama

From a very young age, I have traveled; many of these adventures were taken alongside my mother. Being an only child to a mother with a good job meant many things, one of which was having many opportunities to vacation!

Although many of these trips weren’t exactly the backcountry adventures I try and plan for myself today, they opened my eyes to new cultures and experiences that I now find myself craving more of.


Heading out in Vegas for my 21st

Together we’ve been to many Caribbean beaches, theme parks, interesting cities, and natural beauties. She has shown me how to pack enough for a week in a carry-on bag; how to properly apply sunblock to my pasty skin; how to maneuver the busy, bustling streets of NYC (which is beneficial in other cities as well!); how to make the best of unfortunate vacation experiences; how to read a map in our native language and how to figure out the foreign; the best sleeping positions on the airplane; and so much more.


She continues to inspire me with each trip she takes, even if I’m not always invited. Her new goal, to visit all the national parks, is one I hope to accomplish, hopefully by her side, although she is a few parks ahead of me.

Thank you, mama bear for sharing your love for travel and exploring new places near and far with your baby bear by your side!

Happy Mother Day! 

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