Hello all, I’m very happy to be sending a new post your way! My newest page Adirondack Park can be found under the New York page. Although this is my home-state, and I’ve traveled to many other places, I have found that there are so many cool places to visit from beaches to hippy-dippy towns, to mountains right here, in my own backyard. My first page under the title New York is Adirondack Park and includes my last 4 Adirondack Adventures dating as far back to October 2013 and as close as yesterday! Future New York posts will include Central NY destinations, Western NY adventures, NYC jaunts and Long Island outings. Stay Tuned!

Yesterday I explored Old Forge and the surrounding area for my first winter ADK experience. I hiked a small mountain and enjoyed some great grub in town and wish to share that, along with previous ADK treks with you all. Please read about my Adirondack Adventures and look for new posts regarding my specific camping gear and suggestions in the near future. Leave any questions or comments you might have. Thanks for reading!

A Winter Day in the Daks

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