I know what you’re probably thinking… another person who wants to go out and teach the world something. This is true seeing as how I am a Middle School teacher and love to help and educate others, however, this certain circumstance is quite different. It’s quite the opposite honestly.

I hope to see the world and have its people teach me.

Welcome to my blog! Thank you for stopping by, if even for just a short time. I am hoping to use this blog to share my traveling experiences with others in hopes of helping and inspiring them to learn from the cultures that surround them. I will be going back in time to recall and recap some of my recent trips and will also be including trips in the near future.

My next planned adventure is set for July (since teachers have to utilize their summer break) and I will be exploring the Canadian Rockies for my 24th birthday. Previous travels include some all-inclusive stays, European excursions, Hawaiian Island treasures and my absolute favorite way to travel, backpacking/camping treks. I will share wit you the how-to’s, what not to do’s and any thing I felt I should have done and definitely could not have missed. Thank you for reading and I hope you continue to follow my adventures and make them your own! Get out there and fulfill your wanderlust.


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  1. This is awesome 😊
    Maybe I can share some of our trip pictures with you.. If I can draw fast enough! 😉

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